Hamilton’s Mike Rodrigues Awarded the OPEX T.A.S.K. Prize for 2019

Great Ideas Come from Within

The OPEX TASK Program was created to promote the communication of good ideas within the company from branch to branch. Every year the OPEX team selects an outstanding submission and showcases it to all of Flynn.
This year we are recognizing Mike Rodrigues from the Hamilton branch for recommending the ROL-DRI Tennis Court Squeegee for clearing the water off roofs before we begin production. It turns out that a tennis court squeegee is the perfect tool for clearing water off a roof! The sponged ending makes it a breeze to clean a rooftop of rain or snowmelt so crews can start the day sooner.

Mike received his award before COVID-19 hit and physical distancing requirements were put in place. If you have a TASK idea, please submit it in the “My Job” section of T.A.S.K. submission, the Portal or by email through [email protected].
Thank you to everyone else who submitted TASK ideas this year.

2019 Submissions

Bob Jones, Burton Frail, Carlos Costa, Evan Bartram, Gary Playsted, Justin Bradbury, Marnie Pullman, Mathhias Roemer, Patrick Connell, Rob Johnston, Ryan McCutchan, Torben Begines, Walter Gow

Tennis court squeegie for roofing