Flynn Family Winning Together

Toronto branch Christmas drive-through

Instead of its usual children’s Christmas party, this year the Toronto branch arranged a drive-through experience that allowed Santa to...
construction Safety Week 2020

Construction Safety Week

Last week, some of our crews paused to talk about Flynn’s top priority: Safety. It’s our top priority because it’s...

Flynn University Is Going Virtual!

Over the last decade, Flynn University (affectionately known as “FU” around here) has provided training and instruction to nearly 3000...
Coaching Thumbnail

These Coaches Get Caught Coaching

Flynn’s coaching program trains our experienced tradespeople to coach the new generation during their first months on the job. Congrats...
Flynn TASK 2019 winner Mike Rodrigues

OPEX Task winner 2019

Hamilton’s Mike Rodrigues Awarded the OPEX T.A.S.K. Prize for 2019 Great Ideas Come from Within The OPEX TASK Program was...

Straight Talk

Straight Talk – December 11 2020

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