Flynn Family Winning Together
Rogers centre project image

Flynn Crews Knocked This Roof Out Of The Park

Another award for the home of baseball in Toronto! Flynn crews knocked this reroof out of the park, working through...
construction Safety Week 2020

Construction Safety Week

Last week, some of our crews paused to talk about Flynn’s top priority: Safety. It’s our top priority because it’s...

Supper Bowl Winners!

Flynn’s coaching program trains our experienced tradespeople to coach the new generation during their first months on the job. To...

Get Caught Huddling & Win Big!

A new round of winners for the Get Caught Huddling prize are in! Guillaume Lallement (pictured left) and Kenny Tran...
Scholarship Winners 2020

Twelve Scholarships Available To Flynn Employees

The 2021 Flynn Group of Companies Scholarship has been launched! Scholarship Partners Canada will once again be administering the scholarship...

Straight Talk

Straight Talk – February 17, 2021

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