Our scope of work included removing the existing roof to expose roof deck, installing new dens deck in duo-tack, peel and stick soprema 130 S VB, two layers of  3” and 2” iso and crickets in duo-tack,  smartboard in duo-tack and torch applying 250 GR cap sheet. What made the project interesting and challenging is the special square duo-tack pattern that was specified by the consultant RMIS to be installed in adhering in glue the dens deck, insulation and smart base board. The pattern could not be a soprema s-serpentine pattern – it had to be a square pattern in specified bead spacings and thickness. The project also required changes in the parapet details that impacted our metals division with the way they tied in their new cladding to our roofing membrane system. The project needed special attention as the consultant required two cut tests on the finished roof to check the installation of the duo-tack pattern. The biggest challenge was waiting on responses from the consultant on RFI’s for clarification on how the consultant wanted to achieve waterproofing on the RTU ductwork, parapet details, and scupper details. Amongst all the coordination efforts, our crew made sure they kept the roof clean, followed the safety parameters and production expectations. Upon the cut test, the consultant was very impressed with the level of detail achieved by the crew and Sasktel themselves were very impressed with the excellent job our crew did installing the roofing details. Our safety officer Dale Nagy was so impressed with our crew that he drove to the project site and helped our crew during his site inspection.

From left to right: Gary Morrisseau (foreman), David Burnett, Johny Wilson, Kalman Redwood, Kenny Ritchotte, and Trea Keepness.