Stephen Ave. Place is a 42-storey building that was built in Calgary in 1976 and is one of the few skyscrapers in Calgary’s skyline. But at nearly 50 years old, the building was in a dire need of a facelift.

The Calgary team was awarded the roofing, metals, glazing, and waterproofing for the job, making it truly a total building envelope. The building was gutted to accommodate a rooftop restaurant and the ground floor was paved away for an assortment of retailers. While this is not the biggest job the Calgary branch has faced, there were many challenges working on a 500-foot building.

The reroofing scope was complex and offered many challenges. There was not only the main roof to contend with but also 16 smaller roofs, which were very difficult to access and required the use of a swing stage to use as a roofing guardrail system. Dan Rayner, Roofing Superintendent and Paul Jones, Foreman did an excellent job on the reroof scope.

The podium refurbishment formed the bulk of work for Flynn’s glazing and metals crews. The work was managed in Calgary by Keith Smith, Project Manager and supported in Edmonton by Vijay Khobragade, Project Manager making this a combined Alberta project. The glazing crew installed over 17,000 SF of glass (curtain wall, folding doors, revolving doors, mirrors, railings), Colin Swirles, Construction Manager and Martin Croft, Superintendent and the rest of the glazing team did a great job.

In metals, Richard White, Construction Manager and Andrew Warnick, Foreman and crew installed a combination of ACM, longboard, FC panel and perforated panel (art wall features) totaling just over 23,000 SF.

The project was a great success and the customer was extremely happy with Flynn’s professional approach and the commitment to getting a quality result.