Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since you received a copy of the Flynn Flash. Historically, we prepare a Flash every 3 months or so, but we put the Flash on pause due to COVID and have been using that time to discuss the future direction of the magazine in a post COVID world. Not only to figure out how we could work around the pandemic but how we could also improve the Flash at the same time.

The previous Flash format was built around each branch submitting two to three projects with crew pictures. But, in the future, we are encouraging everyone to submit more stories that capture the Flynn Way in action. Stories about our people rising to the occasion, supporting their team, or providing innovative solutions. That way we are not limited to mostly project focused stories and the articles don’t need to be grouped by branch. This doesn’t mean we stop showing off the projects we are working on, it just means more focus on the people that make things happen every day.

You’ll also notice that the Flash is a bit lighter than what you are used to. This was done for two reasons. Firstly, we are changing the focus of what gets published. Most content that is submitted that does not end up in the Flash will be posted on FlynnCrew.com and our social media channels. Secondly, the old format of one to two pages for each branch just isn’t sustainable. We are a growing company and in the last three years the Flash also grew from 50 to 80 pages. Since we intend to keep growing, we needed to revise the format or in the next few years it would have topped 100 pages!

What’s most important is that the Flash continue to capture the Flynn story as it gets told. It lets us all take a breather and catch up on what everyone else is up to in the bigger Flynn Family. For example, did you know that in Phoenix we are working on one of the largest construction sites in North America (page 15). Or that Gary Stride from Victoria recently raised money for charity by performing a midnight scuba dive (page 18). How about that we recently had two new additions to our Flynn Family? Welcome to all our new readers from the former AARA Construction and Noorda BEC! Its great to have you on board and you can read more about them on page 24-25.

We hope you enjoy the new format. If you have any feedback, let us know your thoughts below and we can consider them all for future Flash editions. The Flash remains available in English, French and Spanish. If you’d prefer a different language to what you received, just ask your branch administrator. We will be sending out extra copies.

So, give it a read. Let us know what you think, and as always stay safe out there.


What do you think about the length of the Flynn Flash?

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