For the past year the Flynn Facades team has been working diligently to design, manufacture and assemble a large-scale 2 storey 30’ x 30’ Performance Mock-up (PMU) that represents an actual section of the final building.

1090 West Pender is a Unitized Curtain wall project that Flynn Facades is working with General Contractor, Graham Construction. The building comprises of over 3,000 individual Flynn curtain wall modules, will stand 33 storeys tall, and is scheduled for installation in September 2021.

The PMU is currently undergoing a series of tests at an outdoor facility in Vancouver, BC. It will be subjected to air, static water, dynamic water, inter-story drift, and thermal cycling. Erecting and conducting tests on PMUs has many benefits; a primary benefit being to both verify and improve our construction details. Should the PMU fail, we are able to investigate and assess our details relative to the built condition and improve our design.

Congratulations to the hardworking team making it possible.

John Au, Joe Librecz. Design: Michelle Zhang, Steven Lu, Raul Dairo, Tyler Koshurba, Water Lucas, Steve Katsoras, Eden D’Mello, Phil Ciantar, Jerry Bondame, Ace Benavidez, Sam Garnace, Edwin Ranon, Michael Arnott, Girish Kumar, Vijay Rao, Lin Wago, Pavan Minhas, Pravin Pai, Mohamed Moawad, Hugo Huynh, Bob Youngs, Doug Villeneuve, Sean Davies, Darrin Dunwoodie and Ryan Simich.