This past year has been a busy time for Flynn at the 5th Canadian Division Support Base in Gagetown, New Brunswick.  Our crews have worked on three projects there in 2017 – the L33 Building is the latest and largest. This re-roof project consists of 1,478 squares of mod bit roofing.  With a roof this size, the crews are using all the equipment advantages Flynn can offer including two full-time 53 ft. trailers on site with combability to support two full-time crews, an InvertaPress used to install two-part adhesive from 189-litre barrels, the MINI MACADEN and ride on’s.  The cold weather and snow build-up in the winter months have been challenging for the crews, but they have been on top of every obstacle and well on the way to delivering another successful project to Defense Construction Canada!

From left to right: Roger Savoie (Superintendent), Randy Taylor, Roger Leblanc Sr., Jonathan Legault Martin Bourque, Roger Leblanc Jr. (Foreman), Edgar Cormier and Alban Cormier.