The scope of work included removing the existing glass, installing a new Kawneer 2000 skylight frame onto the existing framing and installing new glass, and flashing, which consisted of approx. 5,200 sq. ft. of glass (292) sealed units. We began back in the fall with the expectation of having the new framing and glass complete by Christmas break. We glazed the last unit five days early.

Flynn glazing , FIL, and Flynn service worked together on this project as a complete team!

Since the college was in use, we had to schedule our replacements around classroom time, fortunately the college was very accommodating.

Of course being true to nature we had to have a couple of very large snowfalls during construction which being roof work, tends to slow progress.

Thanks to Zsolt and his crew and to the FIL, and roofing crews for working as a team, good job to James Sheehan and crew for a great job as the GC on the project.

The project was scheduled to be complete late January or early February/ March 2019.