Gateway at West District – two multi-purpose buildings with main floor retail and seven floors of residential condominiums –  epitomizes the “Total Building Envelope” saying on all of our business cards!

This marks our third multi-scope project with developer and general contractor Truman Homes, with more to follow. We have developed a unique and stable relationship with them, as their COO Tony Trutina has said to me, “We’re like family.”

Our work here includes 37,700 sq. ft. of roofing, with a main roof on each building, seven halos and roofing on 16 separate patios. Waterproofing includes 60,000 sq. ft. of hot rubber, comprised of four different systems, 30,000 sq. ft. of urethane balcony coatings and 1600 sq. ft. of live green roof at the parkade level.

Our architectural metals division is putting up 16,200 sq. ft. of ACM panels, 68,500 of HF cladding and 31,000 of cement board.

Glazing consists of 91,600 sq. ft. of Alumicor stick built curtain wall, approximately 200 Sun View sliding patio doors and 105 Aluicor swing doors.

The team photo has too many names to mention, the foreman are as follows, glazing’s Scott Tanner and Rimantis Branzikas, metal’s Quinton Macintyre, Roofing’s John Greenwood, and waterproofing’s Sean Clark  and Kyle Wenzel.

These men in conjunction our safety team, PM’s PC’s etc. have done and are doing and amazing job! The overall teamwork between all scopes has been very fruitful for all of us, daily planning and organizing through a team site office has made this job a great success so far, the team moral is fantastic,  I can only see that aspect improving as we continue.

We began this job with glazing in late May of this year and I expect we will be complete some time in early summer of 2019. So a long project, we had some weather challenges with 3 big snowfalls in the late part of fall, at one point there was 20 inches of snow on the roof!

I would like to personally thank everyone involved in this already successful project and the many more to follow with Truman homes.

I would also like to thank our Ryan Purdy for the awesome photos.