Flynn Ottawa is currently working on the cladding and glazing work for the Ottawa Light Rail Transit.

Confederation Line Phase II slated to start November 2021 and run through until 2025.

Securing this work is a testament to our relationship-building with our customers; it was a ‘all hands on deck’ approach which clearly paid off in the end.

Throughout the pre-tender phase Flynn was integral in providing feedback on material procurement, specification requirements, constructability, cost savings, etc. Seeing as Flynn was involved in phase one of the project, we were in the advantageous position of having prior knowledge of the systems being used.

When it came to the pricing of these projects, we had 16 different stations to estimate within approximately two months. Resources were strained but we were able to provide pricing, on time and accurately, through an impressive show of teamwork. Cladding and glazing joined forces in completing take-offs and sharing the information across scopes. Glazing commandeered drafting assistance in take-offs and worked at an improvised ‘assembly line’ approach to estimating all the different stations.

Our team is quite proud of our work in securing the opportunity to work on a project of such high importance and visibility to the city. This is a great opportunity to both strengthen our new and existing partnerships and lay the groundwork for future projects on the horizon.