Flynn Group of Companies is a total building envelope, offering cladding, roofing and glazing throughout North America. Many of our roofing crews perform waterproofing work, but waterproofing is a large enough market to be treated as its own focused scope. In Canada alone, it is a 250 million annual industry. That is why we are launching dedicated waterproofing crews and adding this scope to our total envelope.

To ensure we are successful in growing our waterproofing company-wide, OPEX (Operations Excellence team) is supporting the creation of a waterproofing committee. OPEX exists to share best practices within Flynn and the committee will be doing that for waterproofing. The committee is led by Frankie Savage, Waterproofing Manager of Toronto and Tyler Mills, Waterproofing Manager of Calgary. Both Frankie and Tyler are experienced in the waterproofing industry and run their own seasoned crews in their respective branches. As co-chairs of the committee they will be able to share their experience and knowledge to help other branches launch their own waterproofing focused crews.

“Waterproofing needs to live apart from roofing so we can have teams who are fully trained in waterproofing, including knowledge of manufacturers and application methods. This will allow us to provide the quality product our customers expect from Flynn,” said Frankie Savage, Waterproofing Manager. “The waterproofing committee will help ensure that our quality service is the same throughout all of our branches.”

“I wish we had had the waterproofing committee when I started building our new waterproofing crews. Its potential is huge to our branches entering the scope. “said Tyler Mills, Waterproofing Manager. “We can share lessons learned, contacts made, which products to skip, which to focus on. It’s just a faster way to help our branches get their own crews performing and avoid the growing pains we had.”

First Toronto waterproofing crewOur first Toronto waterproofing crew: Left to right: Jassie Singh-Estimator, Frankie Savage-Waterproofing Manager, Ryan Gluvakov-Foreman, Andrew Bailie-Foreman)

Calgary WP Crew 3Calgary waterproofing crew, from Left to right: Mack McDougall, Paul Zinkham, Kyle Wenzel, Doug Patton