Through a combination of new construction and renovations, Eastwood High School in El Paso is raising the bar for institutional construction in West Texas. After 57 years in operation, the school’s new look will emulate a Community College Campus and provide the district with  cutting-edge technology and a fine-arts facility for a capacity of 2,300 students.

New construction consists of a three-story academic building covering 155,819 sq. ft., a 2,000-seat gymnasium and the region’s first “competition theatre.”

The construction plan for the school allows for the re-use of many of the existing structures, recycling materials whenever possible. 125,00 sq. ft. of existing structures will remain with an additional 43,072 sq. ft. of renovated structure. Once completed, the facility will be an impressive 426,540 sq. ft. All construction and renovations will be happening while the school is operational. The construction completion date is set for the 2019/2020 school year.