Jamie Massan, who has recently been promoted to foreman at our Edmonton Branch, volunteered to attend Flynn University for Frontline Coaching 2 where he learned how to become a better coach and help his rookies beginning their careers in roofing. “It has been nice teaching the younger guys coming up and getting them interested in roofing. When you can tell and show the guys the company is interested in them and investing in them – that makes them want to stick around,” he said.

One of the ways he does this is by using the Flynn Coaching App which was released a few months ago. “When I showed them the app for the first time, they were surprised a roofing company was doing these kinds of innovative things, especially because of other companies they’ve been with. They see it as a differentiator,” he said.

Jamie noted his experience with the app so far has made it easier for him and his crew to exchange information between each other. “There’s no confusion. When I’m coaching and teaching them most times one-on-one, they can go to the app on coffee time or whenever they want and look back at that information. It’s all there. That helps them understand it better and faster.”

Thanks, Jamie for sharing your experience as a coach to date. The Flynn store credits for you and Tyson Murdy (pictured below) are on the way!