Boiler rooms and mechanical rooms across North America are out of bounds and have been hidden behind walls and locked doors for generations. At this new construction infrastructure upgrade, UVIC is now drawing attention to the boilers and piping systems. The north and east elevations are floor to ceiling windows, inviting the public to view the inner workings of a boiler room.

This multi-scope project includes Kalzip roofing, cladding, and glazing. The walls and roof deck are constructed of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) panels. Environmentally friendly and utilizing a renewable natural resource, the CLT is lighter than concrete or steel with comparable strength. Less structural mass reduces the requirement for heavy foundations.

High-efficiency natural gas-fired boilers will be the at the heart of The District Energy Plant. This LEED Gold project will operate much more effectively than the current arrangement and will reduce fuel consumption, save money and increase efficiency. Provisions to allow for future expansion have been built-in if required and will be able to adapt to future sources of alternative renewable fuel supplies.