Group photo of 9 people

We would like to welcome the service department to the Flynn coaching app! The Service and Learning and Development teams have taken the first steps in building service specific content for the app. The teams identified the main topics and tasks to help explain the work a rookie might be doing.

Over two days, the teams held meaningful discussions and identified opportunities to provide clarity for rookies. One challenge in doing so was finding consensus on how to do things across different branches.

Pictured is everyone involved in this project. Left to right: Alan Zych (Shared Services), Allan Brush (Moncton), Paul Nunes (Shared Services), Josh Rogers (Kansas City), Justin Vandale (Kelowna), Nate Doyle (Spokane), John Roberts (Calgary), James Tompkins (Toronto), Tiffiny Makin (Shared Services). Not pictured are Gerard Montocchio and Latoya Francis, both from Shared Services.