Left to right: Randy Wold, Gordy Smith, Antonio Ocotoxtle, Samantha Schanus, Joe Myher, Jesse Pesola , Austin Kessler and Tess Puta (safety specialist). Not pictured: Shane Burns (estimator), Luis Amorrortu (project manager), Gary Johnson (roofing manager), and Gordy Smith (roofing foreman.)

For this project, there was 50,000 sq. ft. of roof to remove and install. For the main roof, the old system was removed for another trade who replaced the decking. The roofing crew then came back in when the decking was replaced, and installed a BUR system.

Roofing started third week of August and was supposed to finish on December 12th but ended up finishing two weeks earlier!

This roofing job was a big safety concern requiring lots of preparation to work with different trades. The planning on safety and production started months before the project started. The general contractor Adolfson & Peterson Construction worked a plan with Flynn and other trades. The site safety map played out on the roof exactly to plan. The plan was to have the Flynn roofers remove the existing roof and then another trade would come in and set up guard rail systems (to protect our roofers) around the area where they were removing and installing the new deck. Flynn roofers would then come back in and install the new roofing system. This job was a huge success with safety, production and quality and because of that, Minneapolis received another job (CenterPoint 700) right away!