The Cambridge branch was rewarded with the roofing scope for the massive medical supply facility codenamed Project FIRE.

The nearly six hundred thousand SF warehouse would be a huge undertaking for any one Flynn branch. But Cambridge was able to call on the support of Toronto, Hamilton and the OPEX team to help get the job done. At the peak of labour there were 52 crew members on site from Hamilton, Toronto, and Cambridge. Included in the roofing scope was 640 skylights and about 50 other curbs (support structures for fans and ventilators).

“Project FIRE was a one in ten-year kind of project for our region. The extraordinary number of curbs on this project presented the biggest challenge in all stages – estimating, planning, loading, installation, and quality control/wrap up,” said Michael Petch, Branch Manager of Cambridge. “But our team absolutely knocked this out of the park by going to great lengths in pre-construction planning. We involved the OPEX team with our crews, managed the labour and productivity, and had a meticulous QC program during and post installation. We absolutely exceeded the expectations of the GC, who quickly became an ally in accelerating the other related subtrades ahead of us.”

“It cannot be stressed enough the importance of making use of the size and resources that Flynn has,” said Blaine Braun, Branch Manager of Hamilton. “Our ability to share our crews is one of the greatest strengths we have. It was a great experience to help Cambridge out and score another win for Flynn.”