The first thing our Phoenix crew learned on site, is that security on the Intel – Fab 42 is no joke.

They allowed no pictures on site and if you are caught taking a picture you are not allowed to return. The only time they allowed Flynn to take photos on site was with an Intel camera, followed by an Intel escort and then an Intel review of the photos. Anyone even going on the site needed to attend a one-week classroom training that covered both safety and security standards.

These precautions are because Intel – Fab 42 is one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world and it is currently undergoing seven billion dollars of upgrades. The number of workers on site is peaking at 6,000, which makes it one of the largest construction sites in the US. It is essential a small city consisting of a variety of tradesmen working around the clock.

Flynn Phoenix was awarded a multi-scope contract for both the roofing and panel work for over the course of a year. The strict security and the immense size of the project created a few logistical obstacles, but the team had a plan and the project moved smoothly. Blake Merrick, Project Director oversaw the first half of the project and James Rosetti, Project Manager saw it to completion.