The Flynn Life Saver Award is intended to celebrate and recognize a Flynn employee who steps up and does the right thing, whether at work or not, and put what they have learned at work to good use in their community. Below is a list of some of the Flynn employees who made the choice to stop and help someone in need.

Andrew Warnick
Harut Zakaryan
Courtland Potoski
Troy Doty
Rodney Krewson
Keaton Potter
Ashley Deschenes
Joseph Martinez
Daniel Fish
Sarah Kasper

Justin Simpson
Gordon Trahan
Eric Chenevert
Martin Morin
Mike Punshon
Jan-Rene Dahlmann
Christian Rohde
Chad Davey
Konnor Chelkowski
Gord Dennis

Alvin Olafson
Mohamed Imbearsh
David Blackburn
Terry Beitel
Bali Kilowa
Daniel Rayner
Chad St. Goddard
Dany Rutherford
Brad Ironside
Nate Wyman

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